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Guide to St. Maarten and Caribbean-wide Resources

This section provides a comprehensive Guide to both St. Maarten / St. Martin and Caribbean-wide Resources for working with children affected by learning differently: we list both people and organizations that can help. (To list your organization, Contact Us.)

DISCLAIMER: Information contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and should not replace consultations with qualified health care or other professionals. This website does not endorse, recommend or make representations with respect to research, services, medication, treatments or products. We encourage you to fully investigate options prior to deciding on any program, service or treatment.





Click below to access desired island. Listings are alphabetical:





Holland / Netherlands


St. Maarten - St. Martin






Stichting Opvoedingondersteuning Kinderen met een Handicap (SOK-H)
(Foundation for Support Raising Children with a Handicap or Emotional Disorder)
Also includes a medical orthopedagogical center and leisure activities home.
Iliona Janga - Office Manager
Ph 09-461-7379  fx  09-465-1750
Cybelestraat 1, Curacao N.A.
email: ilonasokh@hotmail.com
website: www.sokh.info

Parents Association Totolika
For parents of children who have a mental handicap
Amintha Sprockel
Uteweg z/n, Curacao N.A.
Ph 09-737-8291 or 09-561-4238
website: www.totolika.com

Klimop / Fundashon Kompa Nanzi
Nathalie Bulo-Daal
After school ceter with special care for special needs children.
Perseusweg 19-21, Curacao N.A.
Ph 09-738-8666

Government of Curacao - School Directroy
PDF file with special schools by neighborhood, type, and contact information for each school.
website: www.curacao-gov.an 

Dr. Karin Hermans - Child Psychiatrist
Youth and family counseling
Ph  09-462-8840
email: pma@scarlet.an

Marjon Roos - Music Therapy
Therapist using music and rhythm as a means to assist children/adults with issues.
email: mmj.roos@gmail.com
website: www.musictherapy2007.com

Marleen de Valk - Creative Therapist
Therapist using creative and innovative techniques to assist children with issues.
email: marleencuracao@hotmail.com

Gisella Tomsjansen - Play Therapist
Inge Boutier - Play Therapist
email: gisella@interneeds.net  or inge@interneeds.net

Niki Smiet - Play Therapist
email: nikismiet@hotmail.com



Expertis Onderwijsadviseurs
Educational advisors for all questions about education, learning disabilities, observations, training and parental advice.
Ph  (0031-74) 8 516 565
website: www.expertis.nl 




St. Maarten - St. Martin




Drs. Carmencita Chemont - Clinical Psychologist

Diagnostic testing & psychological guidance & counseling.
Ph 580-1977
Bush Road 70 D (in front of Cost U Less)
email: carmencita@caribserve.net
Julienne Augusty - Mental Health Therapist
Dr. J. Arndell - Psychologist
Judith Bell -
Diagnostic testing & youth counseling/guidance. Residential facility for at risk boys.
Ph 543-0086
Pin Cushion Cactus Rd 49
Sucker Garden
Dr. Cheryl Ferero - Child Psychiatrist
Youth & family counseling - Diagnostic testing. Private clinic in comfortable surroundings.
Red Rose Road #3, Cul de Sac
Ph 542-8038
Drs. Alexandra H. van Luijken - Developmental Psychologist
Diagnostic testing & psychological guidance.
Bushroad 70D (in front of Cost U Less)
Ph 520-4444
Dr Alison Howard - Doctorate in Education

Achievement testing, early reading assessment, cognitive/intelligence testing, testing for learning disabilities, testing for autism.

Welgelegen Road, Cayhill

Ph 586-1250 or 553-7481

Miss Aurelie - Speech Therapist
Professional speech therapist located in Marigot.
ph  0690 74 26 68
Bernice Lake - Tournesol Foundation
Foundation working with children with autism on the French side.
Ph 0690 64 88 34
Patti Maier - Reading Specialist
Assistance with remedial reading and writing skills.
Ph 554-0906
Natasha Carty - Bachelor in Social Work
Rosalie Carty - Social Worker
Foundation Catholic Education
Active parenting training, communication skills, breaking the cycle of violence.
Ph 586-1915
Student Care Coordinators
Located in each school in St Maarten. Coordinators assist teachers & parents in finding appropriate professionals to help children with possible learning challenges and coordinate diagnostic testing to determine diagnosis. Contact your school principal for assistance if you feel the Student Care Coordinator should monitor your child and make further recommendations.

Patricia Maier, M.Ed.

Offering literacy workshops and training for groups. Assessment of reading abilities and solutions to assit children with reading & writing Ph: 554-0906 Email: patti@caribserve.net
Would you like to be added to our growing list of professionals or know of someone who offers services to children and parents? Notice a spelling error or mistake? Please feel free to contact us.

St Maarten DWI / St Martin  FYI Organizations / Foundations 

Ahead Center of Excellence - Pastor Elmead Allen
Private school for children with learning challenges (autism) and other issues that do not allow them to attend regular public education classes.
Cobb Cactus Drive #3, Sucker Garden
Ph 580-8234  580-9392
website: coming soon 
Psychological guidance & therapy for individuals, families or groups. Diagnostic testing for ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia & autism available. For SVB, BZV, Nagico, Ennia please get a referral from your family physician.
Bushroad 70D, Cul de Sac
Ph 520-4444 or 580-1977
Sr. Basilia Center
Offering day care for people & children with multiple disabilities. On occasion they do admit children diagnosed with severe autism.
St John's Rd 6, St Johns Estate
Ph 548-3172
Sedna Foundation
Sedna fosters support for children diagnosed with learning challenges and works to improve the integration of these children within the community. Sedna facilitates a bi-monthly Parent Support Group for the Love of Kids Foundation which allows parents, teachers and professionals an opportunity to meet with each other and discuss current issues. Meetings are held at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library. Contact Sedna or Love of Kids "Current Events" link (see left) for more information.
Ph 580-1977
Ujima Foundation
Conducting psycho-educational testing which can provide detailed treatment plans for children with learning challenges and/or behavioral issues. Counseling available for children and their families.
Pin Cushion Road 49, Sucker Garden
Contact: Judith Bell
Ph 543-0086
The Tutor Room - Alison Howard - Doctorate in Education
Achievement testing, early reading assessment, cognitive/intelligence testing, testing for learning disabilities. After school tutoring and homework help by professional educators to assist each child's success. Building on their strengths and overcoming their challenges through activities that incorporate the individual interests of the child.
Wegelegen Rd, Cayhill
Ph 586-1250 or 553-7481
Soualiga Kids Foundation
Organizing events with children such as song festivals for children with special needs, parades and TV programs which the children themselves write, produce, direct and act. Soualiga Kids believes St Maarten has a huge number of talented children out there but due to low self-esteem, they often don't participate in fun events. Soualiga offers those special children the opportunity to find their inner voice in a loving and caring environment.
Patricia Gumbs - Mentor
Ph 522-3078
Association Des Cinq Sens
Teaching of specialized techniques for children with sensory impairments (deaf, blind, etc...), to develop their sensory and cognitive perceptions for their personal fulfillment. Workshops based around the 5 senses: Artistic, musical, corporal expression, communication, taste and smell. Teaching of Braille and sign language.
Ph 0690 77 50 90
Victorious Living Foundation - Erna Mae Francis -MA D.D., Certified Success Coach - Director/Founder
Mentorship programs for youths ages 5 to 19. Direct guidance and counseling of couples, youths and their families. Intervention in crisis situations. Certification in Life Coaching. Computer and entrepreneurship training. Seminars and workshops for various target groups.
158B Backstreet, Philipsburg
Ph 542-2663  524-8731  1-305-407-9260
Peace Is Foundation focuses on conflict resolution within the school environment. Many children with learning challenges will engage in improper behaviour and often be labeled as "bad kids". Peace Is works with and mentors schools on how to reach out and properly address the issues of "at risk" behaviour in all youth.
Glenville Blake, Cornelius De Weever, Peta-Gaye Qutar
Ph 542-2739 (ext 233)
Global Missions Church - Youth Training & Counseling Program
Global Missions Church youth training program implements solutions to prevent youth delinquency. Available to counsel youth and give a helping hand in the community .
Pastor Esmond Flemming - coordinator
DERPI - Department for Educational Research, Policy & Innovation
Charged with all innovations in education; presently houses the "Student Care Coordinators" division for the Education Department. DERPI works closely with other professionals and foundations in education to promote solid and proper education for all children.
Walter Nisbeth Rd 55
Ph: 542-1064 or 542-4594 or 542-1062
HDED - Help Desk of the Elderly & Disabled- Purita Illidge, Project Leader
Promoting the rights and responsibilities of Elders & Disabled persons to realize and exercise their full potential unhindered, to have the opportunity to engage in, contribute to, and benefit from all that society has to offer, and is a legal and moral inheritance we each protect and preserve for our parents, our children and ourselves.
Hope Estate Road #4, Hope Estate
ph  523-5725
email: yasminsweb@yahoo.com (providers only)
Department of Education
Coordinating education in the public schools of St Maarten. Also facilitating training programs for teachers.
Department Head - Claudette Labega
N. Debrot Street, Vlaun Building
Ph 542-3718 or 542-2363
SMITH - St Maarten Institute of Technology & Hospitality
Vocational training for mature students who wish to pursue careers in the hospitality and technology fields. SMITH is devoted to sharing its vision that youth can find a place in our community and achieve their best. Solid and understanding instructors.
EC Richardson Street 23, Philipsburg
Ph 542-1620 Fax 542-8969
SIFMA - Foundation Training & Resource Center for Early Childhood Care & Education
Facilitate training and information coordination between playschools, parents and professionals.
Sucker Garden Road 13 (Lions Recreational Ctr)
Ph 542-7298 fax 542-3903
Mental Health Foundation
Providing quality psychiatric care. For more information please check their website.
107A LB Scot Road, Stone Oven Drive
Cul de Sac
ph 542-1677  fax 542-1687
Want to be listed in our directory? Notice a mistake? Want to update your information? Please contact Love of Kids.


St Maarten DWI / St Martin  FWI After School Activities, Sports, and Clubs

ASA- After School Activities Program
Academic assistance, cultural enrichment, life skills training, sports and recreation. The program is primarily for underprivileged children & partly subsidized by AMFO. Monthly fees apply dependant on income. Day camps available throughout the year ages 4 and up.
Lions Building, Suckergarden Rd 13
Ph 542-4910 or 542-4925 (morning only)
The Alpha & Omega Foundation
Sharon Rousseau Henson - Early Childhood Education Associate Degree
Tutoring - After school program assisting with English, math, Dutch & French. Also offering music, computers, arts & crafts, tennis and swimming lessons.
Ph 557-8202
LAB Sports Academy Foundation
Les Brown - Professional Athletic Coach for Physical Education
Offering training in track & field, running and many other athletic activities. Sport camps and healthy lifestyle programs. "Get the kids off the streets, away from drugs & crime related activities. One kid in this program is one less delinquent."
Ph 557-9089 or 542-4611
Motiance Dance School
Promotion of dance theatre for youth. After school and weekend classes available. Summer camps and vacation camps. Ballet, jazz, Hip Hop, fusion and cultural. Located at Belair Health and Fitness Center Cayhill and Longwall Road Philipsburg.
Ph 543-0600 or 520-5209
Seaside Nature Park
Horseback riding lessons, vacation camps, animal assisted therapy, special parties and events.
Caybay Road 64
ph 544-5255 or 526-5238
Want to be added to this directory? Notice a mistake or spelling error? Please contact us.



Updated March 3, 2010 




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